Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Year of Blessing or Doom?

Here we are at the cusp of a new year. Everyone is looking back and looking ahead. Some will make choices but few will stick to them. I've been doing alot of listening and have been dumbfounded by what I hear. A couple of ladies at the bullseye were talking about how this will probably be their best year since it was the end of the world. How they would probably hit the lottery and all that jazz... How can we base the end of the world on a calendar written by a lost civilization? I mean really? Guy was probably a calendar maker and died. Then the chief of the tribe was like, well I won't be around in 2012 so, who cares, we don't need him any more.

Something that was said to me by the big cheese at the office was, Whatever happened in 2011, you have to accept. It's in the history of your life - the good, the bad, the ugly, the fantasic - it's over said and done.

Was 2011 your year? Was it the best year you ever had? If you had to do it all again, all 365 days, would you do exactly the same? Probably not. You can look back and think, I would have done this or that differently... So the question comes, if 2011 was not your best year, what are you going to do differently in 2012? Where are you going to grow; Spiritually, family, financially? You can make 2012 a year of blessing, or a year of doom. I honestly don't think that just because some ancient guy didn't write in a 2013, doesn't mean the world is going to end. God has other things to say about how that happens.  Be a blessing, make your life a blessing. THIS is the year for growth. THIS is the year to let the greatness begin.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Changing Jobs

It's always an ego boost to be able to choose which company you are going to work for. It's also a bit of fun dropping hints to your boss that you WILL be leaving your current job. So tired of going from job to job and still being Just Over Broke. So as I make this transition to my new position I am aiming at Jan 15th as my very last day at my current job.  Sooner if the new position works half as good as they say, and I believe it will or I would not have accepted the job. I cannot descibe how it feels being head hunted. I posted my resume online for my convience, easier to share with prospective employers when I apply at their company. I have never before been called and asked to come in for an interview for a company that I didn't apply at. From what I'm told, they saw something in my resume that piqued their interest and wanted to talk to me.  Since then I've had 3 interviews, then accepted the position. I am currently studying for my license, which is soooo much fun... and I have now spoke to two of my bosses telling them that I have a second job. Oh how I wanted to say "that's right, you didn't want to help me in my career here sooooo ta-ta loosers!" It's only a matter of time. 5 weeks and I'm gone, less if I'm right. I looked at the last schedule they put out and noticed it goes upto Christmas Eve. How I wanted to put in my 2 weeks. Alas that will have to wait.  So for now let me say thank you, as I smile and nod. That's right, no working past my scheduled shift, not coming in early or on my days off... I don't want to be here any more... good times... and yet I still do my job with excellence, at least for now.  LOL  cheers!