Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Funk

Ever been at that place when you realize you're in a funk. It's sort of a drought. You almost feel like you're sitting in a boat, that is in the middle of a desert and you're praying for rain. Or perhaps you've stopped praying... What do you do then? I feel like there is no escape, but at least I'm at the point of kinda fighting back. Yes, I see movement in my life again. So tired of feeling like floatsum, or that junk that gathers where the waters meet on the beach. So I try to swim. I'm told to be content where I'm at and not to dispise humble beginings. I've tried that, and honestly, I'm not very good at it. I don't want to be in this emotional place I'm in. Feeling powerless and blah. So I move. Working at changing something, alsmost anything would be good. I see road blocks and walls and need to smash thru. But right now all I can do is wait, wait, wait. I hate being poor. I like to spend money, which is probably one reason I'm poor. I also like to make money and right now that isn't really happening either. I have an interview on Tuesday, and hopefully I will have another soon. Movement, something to keep from being stale.

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    This is the best version of this i could find, but you get the point. Sometimes we just stop and realize..dangit, i went the wrong way. Then we have to trek's not usually a pleasant walk. It's usually pretty bleak and boring actually. You're not alone though :) I'll pray, you paddle. God WILL send the rain. He's just that good. :)